Summer Bucketlist

Growing up in the Midwest meant suffering through harsh winters, getting one month of spring (if we were lucky), and about two months of full on summer weather. Summer is sort of fleeting in Chicago. We brave the winters knowing that one day, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. And when that day finally arrives, Chicagoans make the most of the summer because it can be gone as quickly as it arrived.

I can remember being a teenager and making summer lists. Lists of things I had to do so that I felt I had a proper summer. Among those were go to a carnival, bike ride to downtown, go to the Indiana Dunes, barbecue, go swimming at night, and the cringey “go cruising in the park”.

I didn’t think I would be spending this summer stateside, and now that I am back in the Midwest, all the summer nostalgia is hitting me. The same feeling of “gotta do summer things before summer is over” crept in. So here’s my summer bucketlist, things to do this summer before its too late.

  • Ride a Ferris Wheel

This has always been on my list of summer activities. It doesn’t feel like summer if I don’t attend a street carnival and get on a Ferris Wheel.

  • Go Camping/Hiking

  • Beach as much as possible

  • Food Festivals

  • Ride my bike all summer

  • Take a road trip

  • Get on a boat

  • Do a cartwheel

    This is a longstanding item on the list that has been a part of my summer list for years lol. I still don’t know how to do one, but its always fun to try.

  • Go Strawberry Picking

    This one is a family tradition. Every June we would venture to Indiana to pick fresh strawberries. It’s sort of the kick off to summer and doesn’t really feel like the season has started unless I have some fresh strawberries to munch on.

  • Watch Fireworks

    Pure nostalgia. This reminds me of all the family cookouts that involved a giant light show at the end. Bottle rockets, sparklers, Roman candles- are all reminiscent of childhood summers.



Road Trip!

Road Trip!


Just writing these down is getting me very excited for summer. What’s on your bucketlist? Did I miss anything?