Traveling + Mental Health


Whether you think mental health is a taboo subject or not, the fact is that many of us deal with these issues on a daily basis. Mental health is important wherever you are. Even if you are in a tropical setting, traveling with friends, or on a romantic getaway with your boo/bae- its crucial to stay on top of your well being.

One would think that being on vacation would actually put your mind at ease, but traveling can be one of the most stressful, anxiety ridden experiences. Airport delays, lost luggage, new environments, etc., can leave you feeling hopeless, anxious, or worse. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Here are some ways to cope with anxiety or stress on vacation:

Just Say Fuck It

If you’re not feeling up to an activity, don’t do it. Being in a new environment can be overwhelming, so if you are not feeling your best, then just stay in and do you. That museum will still be there tomorrow.

Itinerary Free

Try not to over do it on the itinerary. More often than not, people tend to try to do everything on a trip. Making a to do list of 40 items for a 3 day trip just screams stress. The purpose of said trip should be relaxation, not running around a strange city trying to cross things off a list. Cramming in too many things to do in a day is not good for anyone. Have a couple things in mind to do, but remember the whole point is to relax.

Ask for Help

Things can always go wrong at any given point during your vacay. Instead of stressing out and giving yourself a panic attack, take a step back. Assess the situation and ask for help. Always be aware of the nearest police station, information desk, and have helpful phone numbers on hand. Stressful situations can be made less worrisome when there are other people around to help you. I learned this the hard way. I would be lost for hours, eschewing my plans for the day, but I wouldn’t ask for help. It takes a lot to admit making a mistake, but sometimes you need to swallow your pride and just ask for help. 

Take Your Meds

This sounds obvious, but don’t overlook this one. Just as you would pack your sunscreen or deodorant, don’t forget to pack necessary medication, especially if you have a long trip. Make sure to double check countries’ restrictions on bringing larger amounts of medication. This information is made available on embassy/government websites. Make sure you carry proof of prescription if you’re traveling abroad. 

What are some ways you cope with stress, anxiety, or depression while on vacation? Please share your stories, lets start a conversation :)